The Wraptor: Cox Tree Service / by Beth Pizzichemi


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Paul Cox of Cox's Tree Service is recognized as a leader in the tree care industry for his innovative development of tools that help arborists work more safely and efficiently. Over the past decade, he has researched and manufactured several products to improve his own comfort, safety, and performance in his work. These products are used by Cox Tree Service and professionals worldwide.

In our story with Paul, we get a chance to watch one of Paul's products, The Wraptor, in action. The Wraptor is a motorized device that allows a climber to effortlessly ascend to the tops of the trees safely and quickly. Products like The Wraptor allow arborists like Paul to not only increase their productivity and efficiency, but also to increase their own longevity in the profession.

Paul has been in the tree care business for 30 years, when he began working as an arborist in England in 1988. He continued his training in the United States with arborists in Washington, DC and Maryland, and eventually ending up in the Charlottesville area in 2003. 

Please, join us in celebrating Paul's work and share the story of this local innovative mind!


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