Albemarle's Biotech Corridor / by Beth Pizzichemi

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Albemarle County is strategically located between some valuable assets for the biotech industry. Proximity to Washington, DC, the University of Virginia, and gorgeous mountain views make Albemarle and Charlottesville an amazing place to work and thrive from being surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

AStec Center is a hub for two of those minds: Tom Thorpe and his company Afton Scientific, and Jim Veale of Lighthouse Instruments, who are both tenants of AStec, which has an impressive list of past and current tentants in the biotech and manufacturing fields. We have a People of Albemarle story on AStec Center, as well, watch it here!

The relationship between Afton Scientific and Lighthouse Instruments is just one example of how synergistic biotech is in Albemarle County. Without Lighthouse's innovative technology, the high-quality products Afton prides itself on would not be possible, and the amazing reciprocity between the two companies is made possible by places like AStec and by local innovation champions like Floyd Artrip, who opened AStec Center more than 20 years ago.


Afton Scientific
Lighthouse Instruments
A-Systems, Inc. (Floyd Artrip & AStec Center)