Reason Beer / by Beth Pizzichemi

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There is something different about Reason Beer. It isn’t clear what it is, but once you step in the tasting room, sit down, and take a sip of one of their beers, it is apparent that you’re in for something special.

Founded by three friends from the area, Mark Fulton, Patrick Adair, and Jeff Raileanu, Reason Beer is destined to become a local favorite, if not a national one, in the years to come. Yes, it’s a craft beer with a taste that stands on its own, but it’s the strong friendship of the three founders behind it, and the years of dedication toward the development of the brand, that give it that special sauce. On top of all that, you can taste the years of study and craftsmanship behind the entire production. It is truly unique.

The Reason brewing facility is a creation of three men devoted to great beer and great fun.  The gleaming brewing tanks that tower to the ceiling are testament to that. But, in addition, it’s the culmination of their dreams and effort that make this brand, and team, so special. That and it’s Albemarle County’s first urban brewery! And, that’s nothing to sneeze at!



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