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It might be impossible to fully get to know a community.

People are constantly moving: building on new ideas and forming new partnerships; without being connected to every single person in the community, it's impossible to know what interesting things are going on all around us all the time. 

People of Albemarle tells stories of innovators, makers, visionaries, and hard workers throughout Albemarle County, Virginia. Sharing stories of people driving innovation in their fields, creating new technologies, finding ways to make their big dreams into reality, and working to share what they love with those around them helps everyone get to know who they are. 

When the community can gather around and support the efforts of a local business, maker, or entrepreneur, everyone thrives. It is through telling their stories that People of Albemarle hopes to support the passionate work the people of Albemarle County do every day.

We are People of Albemarle.


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